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New Baby

Arrival of a new family member is a precious and joyous time for everyone involved. It deserves a gift to match the happiness and hope that everyone feels. Gifts are appropriate for the baby, siblings, new parents, mother, and even the grandparents. Celebrate this joyous occasion. Whether youíre a close friend, family, distant relative, professional, associate, or acquaintance, your gift will always be appreciated.

Give a great new baby or adoption gift and really make the parentís day. Enjoyed and truly appreciated, the parents will thank you for your thoughtfulness. Read about the different types of new baby gifts you can give and check out our great line of new baby and adoption gifts we can deliver. We have great gifts for an expectant mother, at a baby shower, at the hospital, and after the newest member of the family is home. We also have gifts just for mom & dad.

Donít forget the siblings. Arrival of a new family member is a great time to show big brother or sister how much they are loved. We have great gifts to help the siblings feel a part of the celebrations and of the family.

Help the grandparents also enjoy in the excitement and celebrations. Give a gift to the often forgotten proud grandparents.

Follow these links to look at gifts for Mom & Dad, Siblings, and Grandparents.

Siblings: Gifts for Kids
Mom: Gifts for her, Bath & Spa, Congratulations, All Occasions
Dad: Gifts for him, Sports, Congratulations, All Occasions
Grandparents: Congratulations, All Occasions
Pets: Gifts for Pets
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Give the gift of taste and flavor to all of your baby shower guests.
Personalized Petit Gourmet Baby Shower Coffee Favors
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Make your baby shower invitation unique with these exciting Personalized Stickers.
Personalized Baby Shower Stickers - Set of 24
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Nearly life-sized and dressed in fleece pj's, plays lullabies to soothe baby to sleep.
Baby of Mine
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The plush baby duck brings all kind of things for taking care of baby!
Baby Care Package
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Top selling bright candy bouquet filled with a colorful arrangement of sweet treats.
Sweet Expressions Candy Bouquet Gift
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Delivers tha message that God Cand Handle It across the miles to your military loved one.
"God Can Handle It" Treats Care Package
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Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Pink Cupcake Onesies - 4 Cupcakes
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Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Pink Cupcake Onesies
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$50.95 Product On Sale
Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Blue Cupcake Onesies - 4 Cupcakes
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$50.95 Product On Sale
Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Blue Cupcake Onesies
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$50.95 Product On Sale
Welcome the sweet new arrival in true style!
It's a Boy (or a Girl!) New Born Candy Bouquet Gift
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Filled with everything necessary and everything cute for the new baby.
Baby Necessities Gift Bag
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Looks like large bucket of fresh flowers, but its baby clothes.
Blue Baby Bunch Bucket
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Wicker baby carriage filled with cute little goodies & gifts for new baby
Bundle of Joy
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Filled with all the good things that take loving good care of baby in style
Baby of Mine Baby Gift Box
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Looks like large bucket of fresh flowers, but its baby clothes.
Yellow Baby Bunch Bucket
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Looks like large bucket of fresh flowers, but its baby clothes.
Pink Baby Bunch Bucket
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Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Blue Cupcake Onesies - 6 Cupcakes
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Ingeniously designed box of "cupcakes" containing Onesies.
Baby Bunch Pink Cupcake Onesies - 6 Cupcakes
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Keep the sweetest memories and a memoir of baby's earliest days.
Baby-Time Capsule Gift Basket
$91.45 Free Ground Shipping with this product
$70.95 Product On Sale
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Trends in New Baby Gifts

There are several new trends in new baby gifts. Trends in newborn gifts are always changing. Here are the latest crazes and the always perfect traditional gifts. Here are some of the latest trends in new baby gifts.

  • Diaper Cakes. A diaper cake is made of diapers arranged in the shape of a multi-tiered cake and decorated with other baby essentials. It makes a great centerpiece at a baby shower or at the hospital and has been featured on shows like ďSex and the CityĒ. A diaper cake includes all the immediate essentials and indispensible gifts a parent will need to take care of their child. It also contains a lot of diapers, a critical necessity new parents need in large supply. Almost all parts of a diaper cake can be used on day 1 by the parents.

  • Gift Baskets. Gift baskets are always welcome at baby showers, at the hospital, or after arrival at home. A gift basket contains an assortment of different types of gifts in a new baby theme that allow giving many needed and used items in one gift. Gift baskets are great for sharing in a gift and for when you are not able to deliver a gift in person. (in our hectic lives and being spread around the country).

    New baby gift baskets can contain a combination of items which will be needed and appreciated. It can contain a combination of baby essentials, which will be used ever day such as diapers, bath time essentials, clothes, baby cleaning items, items to help the baby fall asleep, educational materials, treats for the mother, keepsakes to treasure, etc. Gift baskets provide a wide range of items combined together to make the perfect gift. Most baby gifts just include one or 2 items. However, gift baskets allow you to give a combination of many items that are much needed by the parents. Gift baskets have an added benefit after the birth in that they can be delivered directly to the home. You can visit in person later after the new family has a chance to settle in.

  • Keepsake Gifts. Gifts to capture memories and keepsakes of the newest member of the family. These gifts can include picture frames, handprint, and footprint kits, scrapbooks, and other gifts to remember the early years.

  • Soft Toys. Soft toys are able to be cuddled and explored, important functions for developing babies. Soft plush toys help develop the newbornís senses while providing comfort.

  • Personalized Gifts. Personalized blankets and clothes provide a touch of class to the household. It gives an air of royalty to the baby. While personalized gifts are elegant, keep in mind that they donít work well for passing down to other children.

Gift Recipients

While the celebration is about the arrival of the new baby or adopted child, there are many people who celebrate and should receive gifts. It is no longer just about the new baby and new baby items.

New Baby

The traditional and most common gift revolves around the new baby. These are items the parents will use when the new baby arrives home. We will discuss the different types of new baby gifts below.

Mom & Dad

Truly appreciated gifts are those that consider not only the event, but also the changes in the peopleís lives that accompany it. A new baby means big changes for the mother and father. Things are never going to be the same. Things are going to be hectic and life as they knew it will be changed forever. It is both exciting and scary to image what lays ahead. A gift just for the mom & dad acknowledges this change and shows your deep understanding of them and what they are experiencing.

Parents may be excited, confused, scared. After the baby arrives, they may not get much sleep, maybe unable to get to certain tasks, unable to spend time together or enjoy each otherís company. Gifts can help recognize this situation and can include gifts to help relax during the quiet times (such as our Bath & Spa or coffee and tea gifts), gifts for her, gifts for him, themed gifts for: gardening, sports, fishing, books). Other gifts encourage spending time together such as our watching a movie gift basket or a restaurant gift certificate for their favorite restaurant), a romantic evening together, or offer help to get needed chores done (such as a house cleaning gift certificate or delivery grocery shopping), or to feel like a human again (like a pedicure treatment gift certificate).

Mothers may enjoy food and drink that they couldnít have while pregnant.


Siblings may be confused and scared, and feel forgotten in all the excitement. Siblings often donít know what to make of the situation and often resent no longer being the center of attention. They may feel fear of no longer being loved and need reassurance. Sibling rivalry usually starts right after a new born comes home. This can be particularly painful time for siblings with a close relationship with their mother. Siblings become aggressive, act out, or regress. They need time to adjust and know they are still loved.

A small gift just for the sibling can help recognize they are still loved and part of the family and help them to celebrate this exciting event. Another great gift that the parents will really appreciate is an activity gift which keeps them occupied while the mother tends to the new baby. The gift should be sent and addressed specifically to the sibling.

A perfect example of how a sibling may feel can be best understood by this analogy.

Suppose youíre a wife happily married. You enjoy spending time with your husband and are very comfortable and safe. Then one day your husband comes home and tells you that he found a beautiful new wife he loves and wants to join the family. The husband spends most of his time with her and ignores you more and more. When the three of you go out, people stop by, say how nice, beautiful, and lovely the new wife is. They mention that your husband is very lucky to have such a nice new wife. They then turn to you and ask ďArenít you happy to have such a lovely new wife in your familyĒ?

That analogy helps to convey how a sibling may be feeling inside, even if they are saying they are happy and love the new member to the family. So donít let siblings forget that they are still loved and part of the family.

We feel one of the best gifts to give a sibling is an activity basket to keep them busy and not requiring their mothers attention, allowing the mother to focus on her new baby. We have several sibling gifts to make them feel special and keep them occupied for hours.\


These days, pets are integral parts of our families. Pets can feel and act much like a sibling when a new family member arrives. They may act out in devastating ways when no one is watching them. Giving them attention and a small toy that keeps them busy can help reassure them they are still loved and part of the family.


Donít forget about the grandparents. Becoming a grandparent, gives them new stature and a chance to reflect on their own experiences. It allows them to help, give guidance, and advice to the new parents. It is a time they look forward to and revel in. It is a great time to recognize them and participate in their personal celebration.

There are many particularly special moments in a parents life: the birth of their child, their child turning into an adult, their child leaving home, getting married and having a child (their new grandchild). Having a new grandchild is a very special and emotional moment in their lives. It brings back all the joyous memories of when they gave birth to their child and they truly understand the joy of the new babyís parents.

An appropriate gift to provide to grandparents are one of our themed or any occasion gift baskets.

Types of New Baby Gifts

There are many types of new baby and newborn gifts you can give. New baby gifts can be broken down into these categories. New baby gifts baskets usually contain an assortment from many of these categories in one gift to provide a more useful appreciated and thoughtful gift.

Diaper Changing Essentials

A frequent activity the new parents will be performing is changing diapers. Not only will they need lots of diapers, but also other diaper changing essentials. Diaper Cakes are the most common, showy gift in this category. Besides lots of diapers, it also includes other diaper changing essentials along with other baby categories. Other gifts in this category might include a changing table.

Baby Keepsake Gifts

Helping save the joys and memories of a new baby will be appreciated long after they have grown up. Keepsake gifts can include footprint and handprint kits, picture frames, photo albums, scrapbooks, and piggy banks. It can also include creating a keepsake from a personal item such as the babyís hospital name tag.

Baby Clothing Gifts

Baby clothes are always needed and make a great gift. Clothes can include a combination of onesies, undershirt, socks, T-shirt, slippers, hat, mittens, romper suits, bib, and burb clothes. Personalization of clothes can also add class to the gift.

Bath Time Baby Gifts

Bath time can be a time to enjoy and spend time with the baby, but also can be stressful for new mothers who worry about hurting or irritating the baby. Gentle baby products, made especially for babies are best for a soothing and relaxing bath. In addition, gifts for this category can include wash tub, towels, baby robes, and bath wraps. Towels and robes can be personalized for special effect.

Bed Time Baby Gifts

Getting a young one to sleep can be a tiring experience. Bed time gifts can help in the process. Bed time gifts can include soft toys, lullaby CDs and music, bedtime books, cribs and rockers. Gift baskets are great gifts in this category because they contain an assortment of bed time gifts.

Meal Related Baby Gifts

Eating and growing are major activities in a babyís life. Proper nutrition and care allows a baby to develop properly. Meal related gifts can include baby bottles, baby spoons, utensils, teethers, pacifiers, and high chair. Meal related gifts are usually given mixed with other gifts or in a gift basket.

Playtime Baby Gifts

Early in life, a baby explores his or her surroundings while building cognitive abilities. High contrast and geometric shaped objects help in development. Babies love soft toys to cuddle and provide warmth and comfort. These toys also help develop the babyís other senses while they enjoy the safety of the soft toy. This category can also include cribs, baby walkers, and strollers.

Educational and Learning Baby Gifts

The learning development of a new baby is important and always on the minds of a parent. Gifts which help in learning abilities and educational abilities are always appreciated.

Baby Travel Necessities

With a society always on the go, baby travel necessity gifts can help parents leave the home with their baby. A great baby travel necessity gift is a tote bag filled with useful gifts to carry all the babyís essentials when they are on the road. This can include a combination of gifts from other categories such as diaper changing essentials, meal time, pacifiers, and clothing.

Receiving multiple tote bags filled with baby essentials is not a problem. Having an extra tote bag in each car acts as a backup when the primary baby tote bag is forgotten or runs low on supplies. This is a more common experience than you think.

Baby Safety Gifts

A thoughtful friend or family member can consider the long term safety of the child and give gifts to protect the child at home. This can include door, cabinet, and toilet locks, corner cushions, gates, electrical outlet covers, baby monitors, digital thermometers, and infant seats.

When to Give a Gift

There are considered several appropriate times to give a new baby gift. We have attempted to give the most common times and tpes of gifts appropriate for each time.

Expectant Mothers

After a woman learns that she is pregnant, some friendly gifts can help the expectant mother prepare for and feel more comfortable about the babyís arrival. An expectant mother experiences hormonal and mental changes. She is eating for 2 and more healthy. In addition she experiences fear and excitement. There may be fear of being a new parent and for the babyís welfare. There is excitement and hope about what the future holds.

Gifts at this time can be books about parenting, baby names, what it means to have a baby. It can include Bath & Spa gifts and health gifts such as Health themed gift baskets or other healthy foods.

Expectant Father

Expectant fathers also appreciate books on parenting and baby names. Once the baby arrives, besides a congratulations, a typical gift might be a box of cigars (real, fake, gum, or food) to hand out. If the baby is going to be a boy, a sports or fishing related gift.

Baby Shower

The next best time for giving a baby gift is at a baby shower which is typically held 2 months before the baby is expected. A baby gift given prior to the birth is usually given at a baby shower or during this same time for people not able to attend in person. Baby shower gifts are items the parents will need once the baby arrives and can include any of the new baby gift categories previously mentioned.


A comforting time to give a thoughtful gift is at the hospital after the baby is born. Gifts delivered to the hospital should be small and be able to be put on display without impacting the hospital room. Typically flowers and fruits should not be given as they can be restricted from the hospital room or ward. Some excellent gifts are the clothes bunches and pails which look like flowers, but are actually babyís clothes. Another gift can be a Diaper Cake which acts as a display item for all to admire.

It is important for gifts delivered to hospitals to be delivered prior to the mother leaving. There is also a risk of the hospital not accepting or mis-routing the gift, as their main function is the new babyís and motherís health, not gift delivery.


Once the new baby and mother are home, is also a great time to give a gift. With all the desire to see the new baby and see how the mother is doing, there is a tendency to deliver a gift in person. Dropping by for a visit on new mother shortly after the birth can be tricky and is not advised. The mother and baby need time to settle, recover, and adjust. The parents have had very little sleep. The babyís asleep time is treasured by the parents and allows them to be able to finally get some sleep or attend to important tasks.

Visits can be disruptive and exhausting for the new family. A personal visit can also pass on germs and complicate the new baby or hinder the motherís healing process.

The best advice is to have a gift basket or gift delivered to the house. The grateful parents can pick up the package from the front door when convenient.

For the same reasons, hospitals donít recommend or allow flowers, it is not recommended to send flowers to the house.

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